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Piquant and Budget-friendly Thai Food
Craving for good Thai food that's easy on your wallet? Ah Loy Thai fits the bill. We serve a mean Pat Thai, our signature butter calamaris, and Tom Yum Soup.

About Us

Ah Loy Thai is a family business run by Thais. Thus, we offer a wide range of authentic Thai food at budget friendly prices - without GST or service charge. Located at the accessible Shaw Towers, we are famous for our butter calamaris, Pad Thai and Tom Yum soup. In addition, there are many other dishes worth trying include our pandan chicken, green curry, house special pineapple rice. Call us to make a reservation to prevent disappointment.

Ah Loy Thai is a small eatery that serves economical and delicious Thai dishes. Do visit this eatery if you love Thai food. Consistent in food quality and serving at a reasonable price with no GST and service charge!
Love almost all their food! Affordable & tasty!
Worth trying their spicy squid salad!
My favorite Tom Yam. The price also reasonable... Strongly recommendation for it, must have a try!!
Superb tomyum soup! The ingredient inside are a lot and also its affordable for 2 to share :)
Every time I'm at Ah Loy Thai, the restaurant is filled with long queues and I usually give it a miss
MUST TRY DISH when u're here (Tom Yum, Pineapple Fried rice, Phad Thai, Glass Noodle, Mango Crispy Chicken!!!!!) Thumbs Up... Anyway, for East side Friends you can go to tampines outlet to try it out,,
nice butter calamari! they have great food with affordable price. My favorite thai food in Singapore so far!
i went to ah loy thai restaurant with my friend. I ordered their basil pork. The basil fragrance really brings out the fragrance of the meat. The pork is minced until very finely, after being stir fried with the basil leaves, it taste absolutely delicious. The gravy is a little spicy because of the chilli padi they used. But when you eat it with right, it is just right. The gravy is also very tasty too, makes you wanna eat mouth after mouth.
It is a huge variety of food for lunch, isn\'t it? I ate it with a few of my friends~ I especially like the chicken wrapped with pandan leave( i think) . The chicken in it smells very fragrant. I guess it is because of the leave. And, not to forget the sauces beside it. The chicken is nice eaten dipped with those sauces. It makes the chicken a little spicy~ It is nice! There are a lot of varieties of food to eat there. Do try it out!
The tom yum soup here is very spicy and if you are those who really cannot take any too spicy foods, please do not take the risk to try it. The soup is full of thai spicies and the sour taste in it really give this soup a kick!The sotong inside are really chewy and quite big in slices.The prawns are very crunchy and you will be really impressed with how much effort the chef have take the time in preparing this soup and the great selection of seafoods he has used in this soup as well.The portion is quite generous and is good to feed at least two adults.
Definitely a must-try dish when visiting this restaurant! Do note however that the dishes are rather expensive but well worth it as they serve quality Thai cuisine! A great place for family dinners or a gathering as the restaurant has a nice ambience and decor and the staff are attentive and friendly! The mango salad is very refreshing and perfect for a starter. A little sour but it\'s okay for me.
This is my third time to ah loy thai for lunch and i am still not sick of their food yet. In fact i plan to try as many new dish as i can. So this time round i ordered their pineapple fried rice which costs $5.90. It was very fragrant and the portion was also quite big. Thumbs up for it! My friend had the salad glass noodle as she ordered wrongly as she was actually supposed to order the fried glass noodle instead.
Great Thai food with a blend of spice and sweetness and salt! It may be quite oily and sinful, perhaps even unhealthy, but this is the kind of food of the year you should go for if you love traditional Thai cuisine. Get some veggies to stay healthy! The vegetable with minced pork is really crunchy and it does not have the weird non-fresh taste that some vegetables have.I think there are too many bean sprouts in this dish! It gives the crunchy taste and the fragrance is really pleasing to your appetite.This dumpling is steamed to perfection, it has no dryness or burnt rice like some other dumplings have. The meat is ample as well!
A-Roy\'s thai restaurant was still the best so far for their authentic thai food. It\'s a family business and they are thais,so it\'s no joke about their quality of thai food served. We ordered a number of items to be shared, including seafood fried rice, papaya salad and seafood tom yum gong. The crackers that they served costs a dollar and it was very crispy with a little spice. Very appetising.
This is my second time coming to ah loy thai for lunch! To avoid the lunch time crowd, we decided to come early and start ordering our food at 11.50, we ordered the pandan chicken, fried glass noodle and red basil pork with rice. The fried glass noodle took super long to come, almost 50 mins, despite few tries of hurrying them as my friend has to rush back to office soon. The pandan chicken was super nice, there was 4 pieces of it. My red basil pork was not too bad! Love the food here and will be back soon!
This place, is perpetually crowded. Clearly, it isn\'t the ambiance or service that\'s drawing hungry Singaporeans to this no frills Thai eatery. So then, it must be the food. This isn\'t the first time I\'m here, but the times we come are so far and few that we decided to stick to the usual favourites.This is a must-order at any Thai eatery I go to if it\'s available. This was thick, rich, sweet and ice-cold - perfect. $2 for this tall glass is also very reasonable.The Butter Calamari sure lived up to its name. It was buttery (it was soaking in a pool of melted butter) and it was calamari. But it was also hard and somewhat lukewarm - a sign that it wasn\'t freshly fried? The Pandan Chicken fared better. The 4 green parcels contained sizable pieces of chicken (thigh meat I think) that was juicy and tender. Unfortunately, the accompanying chilli sauce tasted quite run-of-the-mill (i.e. Kimball or Maggi) and the husband and I couldn\'t quite figure out what the other sauce was.This was the token vegetable dish of spicy kailan. And spicy it most definitely was - I think they used bird eye chillis!This is my favourite of all we\'ve ever ordered at Ah Loy Thai. The Phat Thai (yes, that\'s how they spell it here) was flavourful with the right amount of saltiness, sweetness and sourness. There was also enough long strands of spring onions to keep an onion-lover like me satisfied. My gripe would be that the prawns were measly in size and soggy. The Phat Thai was also the last dish to arrive! Maybe they were waiting for another order to fry a large batch at one go... Personally, I prefer Nakhon Kitchen at Kovan. But Ah Loy Thai must be doing something right as they constantly draw huge crowds who are willing to wait - it was a full house when I was there on a Tuesday evening with many even making reservations.
This small Thai restaurant often attracts alot of Thai food lovers. You couldn\'t agree more once you tried their food. What\'s more the price is quite reasonable. If you were asked about thai food, first thing must be their tom yum goong. Although i cant really take the spicy food, i still go for their tom yum goong. It\'s served in the claypot and lots of ingredient such as seafoods and mushrooms.
Hello to all Thai food lover. When toAh Loy Thai food locate at Shaw Tower for dinner. Lucky we reach there at 6.30pm as the crowd for dinner has not really started.Got our seat once we step inside. Server show us 2 to our seat. The seat is simple like going into a small cafe. But we notice the place got 2 section. Big. Okay. we order 1, Seafood Tom Yam Soup. Look like there is one 1 size. 1 bowl serve 2 person. Taste for the soup. Not really sour but got the chilli taste. Sweet. Good for those who dont like really sour soup. 2. Baby Kailan. Okay taste. 3. Calamari. Squid is really fresh. Like it alot. 4. Mango Salad. Really Nice. All must try. Overall: A Great to go back again with a bigger group of frens. Enjoy,,,, ....
Had craving for Thai food and decided to try out the Thai food place near my office area for dinner. There was quite a long queue of 10 people in front and we waited about 15-20min to get our seats. My friend and I ordered Phad Thai, fried sweet potato leaves, crispy mango chicken, Tom yum soup, one white rice and one kumquat juice to share. We waited another 20-30 minutes for our food, which i felt quite unhappy about it, though the person did warn us of the long waiting time when we placed our order. Also, the food came one by one, instead of altogether, the Phad Thai came first and we were to about to finish it when the 2nd dish, the crispy mango chicken dish was served. Besides the long waiting time, i must say the food was overall good. The Phad Thai tasted sweet and tasty and there were quite a number of prawns in it. The sweet potato leaves were fresh and blended well with the garlic and oyster sauce, one of the best vegetables dish i have tried though it was just a simple dish. The Tom Yum soup was good but too spicy for me, there were lots of ingredients, such as prawns, sotong, mushrooms in it. The crispy mango chicken was average. All in all, i think it is good thai food at reasonable price, but you must really patient!
My friends gave me a treat to celebrate my birthday at this Thai restaurant. Taste of the food is superb at this kind of very reasonable price. I specifically like the fried butter calamari. It was so fragrant and crunchy when served! Combined with the sourness from the mango salad at the side, it makes me feel refreshing although it\'s fried with butter! Next best is the green curry fish. Last time when i tried, the fish was bigger and they gave a lot of lychee, apple cubes, etc...however this time it\'s a bit less. But nonetheless, the taste of spicyness is still thee and fish was fresh. Pandan chicken also quite good and well marinated. will definitely go back again for Thai food!
Went to ah loy thai today during lunch time at like around 12plus and thankfully there wasnt a queue and i was quickly seated. My friend ordered the fried glass noodle while i tried the pad thai. The fried glass noodle costs $6.50 and the pad thai costs $5.90. It took quite some time to come, like around 35 mins later. I love the fried glass noodle as it was rather fragrant and just makes u want to have more. But my pad thai was a little disappointing. Or maybe i had too high expectations of it after hearing so much raved reviews about ah loy thai. But i will definitely be back to try the rest of the food like the green curry, pandan chicken, pineapple fried rice etc.
The best tom yam fried rice I have ever tasted! Spicy and fragrant, once you sniff it, you have to indulge in it. The rice is tender and of the right texture. It may not look like it but the rice is somewhat shiny when it arrived, very presentable indeed. The tom yum taste is very consistent, not like some which have some areas of their rice being way too saltish and some without any taste. The prawn is fresh and Q-Q too! After that plate, I felt like I could eat another one, very kai wei leh!
I have a penchant for anything sour and spicy - which is why this papaya salad caught my eye immediately. Without a doubt, I knew I had to try it. The dish was slightly small for its price, but worth the price, since they do not scrimp on the ingredients by adding cucumbers to replace the green papaya. And potent - in fact, very potent it is. It is really very spicy and sour. After eating it, my voice turned slightly hoarse. Although I had to suffer a bit, but it is really very shiok eating it. For those who like their food to be spicy and sour - this dish is definitely for you!
This small Thai restaurant, at a quite deserted building yet busy district Bugis, often attracts alot of Thai food lovers. You couldn\'t agree more once you tried their food. What\'s more the price is quite reasonable. We ordered a Tom yam Seafood pot , enough for 2 person eating is ard $6.90, if to compared with Bali Thai or Thai Express, personally I feel this is tastier and value worth. Ordered the Tom Yam Seafood. The soup base is nice, not really spicy yet you can taste the thick Tom Yam flavour in.The next recommended dish is this Pandan Chicken, ard $9.90. They use the pandan leave to wrap the marinated chicken. A bit similiar to Chinese Paper Wrap Chicken style but this one they grill it instead. The chicken is grilled evenly and with the pandan leave fragrance. This worth a try.Next is their kangkong. Stir fried. Not really spicy yet you taste freshness of the vege. Good!The only dish that we are not really satisfied is their dessert: red ruby. perhaps the coconut milk is too thick and the red ruby is not that chewy. Anyway, the food is good. If you want to try some authentic Thai food, this is the place you should go!
As my dining partner liked Thai food, we decided to dine in at Ah Loy Thai. I ordered the pineapple fried rice, which is very very fragrent. I love how the ingredients are added to make each and every mouthful a delight, with the myraid of tastes - salty, sweet(raisins) and a little sour sweet (pineapples). However, the restaurant is far too cramed in my opinion. The conversations at the tables beside us are very within earshot, since the tables are around half an arm\'s length away.
If you around in the city area and looking for somewhere to dine. Then maybe Ah Loy Thai at shaw tower at the 1st level! Nice concept. Simple dishes but nice.This is what we ordered! Nice food. Don\'t mind trying again! Service was okay.
A very squeezy environment for a rather small restaurant, seats were placed outside the restaurant so as to cater to more customers. The seats were rather close to each other, it\'s rather tricky to not bump into the next table if you\'re of a bigger build. Service is nothing to commend on, fair, do not have too high expectations. The Phat Thai was very nice indeed! The noodles were well cooked and the ingredients were generous! I especially liked the prawns here, fresh!
This is my number x times visits to the restaurant. The thai food served is so delicious and hence so many people do not mind to queue on the staircase...
The food is so limited and some of the dishes will out of the stock at around 7pm. Do go there early to avoid any disappointment.
If you were asked about thai food, first thing must be their tom yum goong. Although i cant really take the spicy food, i still go for their tom yum goong. It's served in the claypot and lots of ingredient such as seafoods and mushrooms.
Butter calamari is always out of stock, but i m so lucky today to have it. It comes with the mango salad. It's definitely delicious and therefore i call myself lucky to have it.

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